Torchlight 2 Better than Diablo 3?

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What do u guys think is better? I cant decide but I do enjoy the Torchlight skill system way more than Diablo 3




Heres a gameplay video if ur interested

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Hi, the hard answer is yes. The easy part is to say why. I played Diablo 3 for months until I gave it away. Literally give it to a friend. The game is going to bore you to death at some point. Torchlight 2 on the other hand has some of this negative thing ... you will get a little bored (or maybe just me) but regarding the skill sistem ... well Diablo 3 doesn't stand a chance. And then there are the items ... again, TL2 (from my opinion) smashes D3. But most of all is the feeling. I'm a Diablo fanatic. I played years of Diablo2 ... and I belive that TL2 is what Blizzard should have done to continue. D3 is a beautifull game ... nothing more.
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Blizzard did it's best to insult the story for Diablo... notice just two examples... they took the "A" in DIablo and flipped it. What is the meaning of that? Diablo 1 and Diablo II have it one way... diablo III flipped... then they SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS... kill off one of the most memorable characters "Cain" for what reason? Was it absolutely necessary? Diablo III story didn't feel like diablo II or Diablo 1 where you talk to the townspeople and really let you in on their world. I put my hours in... and have enjoyed Diablo for the sake of the story... it's just so sad that the true creators of this game left and we are now scavenging left overs from people with different views. Blizzard has one final sacred item... and that's Starcraft...  I don't see anything NEW on their horizon...