sword wielding class

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which class are best with swords in this game? can the berserker duel wield swords?

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The Berserker is probably best for dual swords and The Mechanic for greatswords and sword and shield.

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are there alot of swords in this game? from what i see there are alot more hammers and pole are than swords in this game.

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I think so, I haven't played much of this game as I'm still trying to finish another game, but I've played around with those two classes a bit. From what I've seen it looks like this one has all the same kinds of swords from the first game and more. The first game had a lot of variations for the swords and greatswords. When I last played every greatsword I found was better than any of the hammers I found, but, of course, it's the luck of the draw so you never know what you'll find.

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oh, ok thank you very much for you response

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Quite welcome. :)