It's Getting Awesome Review Scores!

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From the Torchlight II review summary page on GameRankings:

RPGamer: 80%

IGN: 91%

Hardcore Gamer: 90%

GamesRadar: 90%

Joystiq: 90%

GamesBeat: 85%

IncGamers: 90%

GameSpy: 100% :shock:

AusGamers: 90%

GamingTrend: 95%

Average: 90.55%


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No surprise there. It's good.

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Yeah it's well-deserved, excellent game.
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i think its the funnest game on this year, its really excellent, if they got the budget like diablo 3 they was create one of the best game ever...

i play 700 hours diablo3 and the fun i got in 20 hours i play TL2 not close to what i feeling...

BTW 2-$ for TL1 + TL2 is a joke, its worth a lot more...

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Good to see that, the game is fantastic.
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hopefully game companies will see that by following a platform of giving the gamer what they want is the right thing as opposed to creating a game to give the game companies the money they want in a steady cashflow.

the fact torchlight has LAN , no monthly subscription , option to play online or offline for 1 purchase is to some epic, but used to be standard.

This is why diablo 3 in my opinion has failed. I want to play videogames and not have blizzard or EA pimping me for money.