Top Spin Cheats For Xbox

  1. Extreme taunts or gestures

    Pressing the white button three times after missing a point will almost always result in the throwing or kicking of the racquet. The More you click the worse it becomes

  2. Playing Secret Characters

    To play as some secret characters, use the random feature of the game; the game will choose one of the career default players instead. Keep pressing B then A until you get the desired player. By doing this you can play as players such as Raquel Mello, Candy Spoon, Karen Archer, and many others.

  3. More Taunts

    Code Effect
    Press the Left Thumbstick Up, Down, Left, or Right and press Black or White Opens up more random varieties of taunts

Walkthroughs & FAQs

Type Name File Size
FAQ FAQ by Chrispts 20K
Other Player Creation FAQ by yannzoo 8K
Other Quick Legend FAQ by Incontinentia 30K