Somthing a little different

Parasite Eve is an old game. There is no disputing the fact that gameplay in games has evolved since 1998. Games have changed in a way that makes a lot of older classics somewhat unplayable. However Parasite Eve is not one of those. Actually when released Parasite Eve has said to have a poor unusual combat engine that no one really liked. It was a mix between turn based combat with realtime movement and the ability to dodge attacks with twitch based gameplay. This gameplay still has it's noveltey today. I can pop this into my PS anyday. It offers something so compeletly different from anything offered today that I believe that it should be seen as something of a wave of the future that never came.

The good:
A orignial story, modern setting (good or bad), attractive but inteligent main character, unusual novel combat system, not bad graphics (for the PS), somewhat wide assortment of level design.

And the bad:
No voice acting, poor sound effects, not enough envolvement with supporting characters, fails to catch the fear that the suvrival horror genre of the time had mastered, somewhat strange animations (people running slower then they look like their running, ect.), too short.

This game is a classic and should be looked at as a lost gem. Do your self a favor and really look at this game before passing judgement at it.