One of the best games I have ever played

Resident Evil 4 brought in a badass Leon S. Kennedy, a hot, large breasted woman and a hot asain woman into one game. In this game, you are technically not fighting zombies, but the paracites that created the zombies. You get the creepy backgrounds, the spooky ambient music, and the Grotesque surroundings of the Spanish Country side. This game really does make them look bad, which is why my score for it is only 9.

This game intruduced my enemies to the series, such as the Graniados, or Parasites, El Gigantes, the insect like things, and of course new B.O.W.'s. I love this game for the main reason that event the knights armor wants to attack you. Even though I would want to see a B.O.W. that looked like the Tyrant "Cannible" Virus or the Nemisis program once more in a game.

They also introduce one of my favorite resident evil characters (next to Leon). Luis Sera. He has a witty comment on everything, Ashley, Leon, the Graniados. But he is killed off relativly early in the game. TRIVIA: the vioce actor for Luis (Rino Romano) also did the voice for Darien in Sailor Moon. And so nasty villans, such as Saddler, the evil leader of the local church, which worships the parasite. TRIVIA: The same person who did the vioce for Saddler (Micheal Gough) also did the vioce for Harry Mason in Silent Hill.

Then we get to the organization system in the game, You get a briefcase in which you can organize any way you like, there is tonnes of space for your stuff, as compared to the original games and 5.

So that was my review of Resident Evil 4, I hope you enjoyed it.