If you're a fan of classic Tony Hawk's, or you're a human, this game is a must have.

User Rating: 9.5 | Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD PS3
Ever since Activision and Tony Hawk revealed that monstrosity of a plastic board, I was worried that my favorite franchise had been killed off for good, and that the only way to get my THPS fix on a regular basis would be to get out the old consoles.

Then they announced THPS:HD and I was absolutely overwhelmed with excitement. The wait was well worth it.

Now, I could go through and talk about hmm well I don't quite like that sometimes my player falls through the world if I collide too hard, and sometimes it can be picky about picking up my special inputs (although to be fair, I haven't tried it with another controller, so it could just be me), but OVERALL this game is well worth the 15 bucks. If you've played the classics, this game is just how you remember it, but prettier and on current gen consoles with online play and leaderboards. If you've somehow never played a Tony Hawk's game before, it's a great example of what games used to be like, before they became bloated with 4580528 objectives and 49801 gameplay mechanics to learn. It's just simple fun that you can play for hours on end chasing perfection.

I feel it's worth noting now, several months after I posted my original review, that the PS3 version seems to have very poor frame rates with the revert dlc. I can run it at 60fps/1080p on pc though, so that's certainly the version to get.