You're bound to love one of the five games in this amazing package of games.

Valve has tried something different here. They're selling Half Life 2, Half Life 2- Episode 1, Half Life 2- Episode 2, Team Fortress 2, and Portal all for the price of one. All of these are excellent games that will keep you preoccupied for hours.

Lets start with Portal . Portal is a really cutting edge amazing game that is just plain brilliant. Portal is a puzzle game where you get a Portal gun. The gun shoots orange and blue portals that transport you to each other. Physics and momentum play a key role in the transportation. As you fall through a portal you gain speed and go farther. The voice acting in Portal is brilliant and funny. The only downside to portal is that it is extremely short . Even though Portal is short it will take you a while to complete. Portal is a really amazing game, and it looks really great. Portal is something you really need to see.

Team Fortress two is the multi player aspect of the Orange Box. It is a great class based shooter. The graphics are Cartoonish, but not unrealistic. There are different classes to choose, and each has different stregnths and weaknesses to benefit your team. Team Fortress 2 can get very addicting because it is so unrealistically fun. Team Fortress 2 is a really solid multi player.

Half Life 2- Episode 2 is a really clean and smooth FPS. It really improves upon its predecessors, and adds a little humor to the game. You continue the story of Gordon Freeman. The citadel has exploded and created a huge portal and you have to stop it. The weapons are very fun to use, especially the shotgun, which is a ton of fun. Half Life Two , and Episode 1 are also on there. They are older games, but they are still fun to play.

Really the Orange Box is a perfect package that has little bit of everything, all for a really great price. It is an awesome set of games with no flaws.