Killing thousand of zombies in different ways: FUN! The rest makes it frustrating.

First off I have to say that I haven't finished this game. I actually started playing it 2 times. First time on Xbox 360, the other time on Wii. But both times I stopped playing after 30 minutes at about the same points. It just doesn't matter what console you are playing on, what controls you use or what graphic you have. This game is seriously weird.

For on the one side, you have the opportunity to freely move around the market, picking up WHATEVER you want and throw it on the zombies, hit them with it, knock them down or whatever. This game is unbelievably fun that way because it reminds you of a mix of Dawn of the Dead and Shaun of the Dead :)

On the other hand there are these small things that turn the whole thing upside down: The stupid story intro. Stupid main character. Stupid minor characters. Stupid controlls. Stupid animations. Stupid graphics. Stupid dialog. And everytime you talk to someone, instead of a speak sequence, a text box opens like the ones in really old Nintendo games. And the letters are so tiny and small, you don't even bother to identify these mysterious hieroglyphs.

*Sigh*. No no, this game actually had potential. The concept, the core is totally awesome and is extremely fun.
But if everything else would have been done as well as the concept, this game would have received a higher rating. It's a pity.

Hopefully Dead Rising 2 will be better...