Thia game is great!

User Rating: 9 | Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4 PS2
Tony hawk 4 is amazing because it has free roaming so you can skate all over the level and you get to dicide what mission you want to do by going up to a person and pressing triangle. In this game you go up to people and do the missions like tring to get like 50,000 points and do the move it tells you to do on the screen or find some thing.

The graphics of this game is not that bad but it should not be a 9 because i seen wayyyyyyy better graphics than this game.if you play this game for like an hour it will start getting boring unless you are doing very good and beating the missions and level really easiely.

You can creat your guy and play as him or her in season mode and you can upgrade your person. You can get money by doing missions and you can use the money to buy alot and i mean alot of skate boards and you can buy skate boarding video's and i think you can buy more stuff like cheats and stuff.

You can creat your own skate park you can put alot of stuff any where you want in the area you have. Another thing fun about the game is the online play and the mutiplayermode. The 2 player is pretty fun there is lots of things you can do like tag when you have to hit the other person and run awy and try not to be hit in a certin amount of time. You can do grafity when you have to do a move on some thing and it would go there color but if the other person go to hit and does a move that make more points it would be theres and go there point. At the end of the time who evr has the most grafity wins. ou can play house when you go do a move on some thing and try to get alot of points. The other person there turn try's to do a better move and who ever did the suckiest gets aletter. and you keep going till it says hourse and the person looses.