NOT a fallout game

While Its an ok game it certainly doesn't deserve the 9.0+ scores it receives. Nor is it a worthy Fallout sequel.

It's simply not polished enough to be a GREAT game (though it is a good one). As for its "FALLOUTness", its severely lacking.
This game feels too much like a remake of Oblivion with Fallout set pieces- the pieces are there but the body and soul is gone.

Fallout games always had a lot of technical issues- if anyone remembers the huge number of bugs those games had- one of the most memorable was when your car would split in half and you would be on one city. but your stuff in your trunk would be somewhere else with the back half of the car :-))
What made those games great was an incredibly rich and deep world (which this game has to an extent) but also alot of the humor, pop culture references, unique encounters, tactical depth, is gone. The number of skills are cut in half and most skills are still next to worthless- mostly because its so easy to get by without them. don't have stealth? use a stealthboy on those times you want to pickpocket (no individual skill anymore). don't have have first aid or doctor skill (now medicine), any doctor in any city will fix you up for a pittance- you can even heal crippled limbs with stimpacks and rest...so much for consequences.
Most importantly its the Consequences in Fallout games that gave them their feel...mess up one city and other cities and characters know it...here you can do as you like and no one cares. Worst of all, you don't even get the results in the ending. Fallout games always showed you how [b]YOU[/b] changed the world...all your actions good or bad.

I heard someone mention this and its true...this is a single player MMO. It feels just like one- grind, find loot and unique items, no one cares what you just done except for thanks- here's your new loot crap for helping.

HERE'S a BIG tip Bethesda

the payoff of regular RPGs:- is the STORY
the payoff of Open world RPGs:- Is the effect your character has on that open world

Without the recognition and explicit signs of your contributions - the game falls flat and has no payoff.