My favorite Tony Hawk game in the series.

User Rating: 9.7 | Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4 PS2
Even though I gave Tony Hawk 3 a 10, I'm not going to give this game a 10. Even though it was my favorite game in the THPS or THUG series, I still don't think it was as exciting as THPS3 was.

Tony Hawk is a game that has been almost ruined by Bam Margera in my opinion. THUG 1 & 2 were good and all, but it lost some of the game's seriousness. I don't want to do a grind where I all of a sudden turn into a clown, or am all of a sudden holding a flag pole! I don't want to do a manual where my skateboard suddenly turns into a unicycle and I am juggling yellow balls. And most of all, I do not want to drive a car in a Tony Hawk game when the car handles like a skateboard. That is exactly I like Tony Hawk 4 the best. The game wasn't crowded with ridiculous humor and impossible graind like the THUG series was.

I really like how THPS 4 was harder than the rest of the games. I beat all of the other games in about a day or 2, but this game lasted a lot longer. It lasted about a month because some of the goals were so hard that I had to give up temporarily. But I like a challenge, and this game was definetly a challenge. I would have to say that the collect COMBO goals were some of the hardest goals I had ever seen. You have to time everything perfectly, and you have to have the right speed when you first start out. A lot of the other goals were really hard too, but they were still a lot of fun to beat.

Tony Hawk 4 is a great Tony Hawk game. I know that the Underground games aren't that bad, but I liked how this was the last game to keep some of the realism that the series once had alive. I liked the goals in this game because they were semi-realistic. In the THUG games, there are goals like: "hey dude, see if you can bounce on the trampoline until you get up to the roof of the barn. Then grind the flagpole and see if you can combo the entire level. Oh yeah, and while you do this, there will be a rabid dog chasing you, so don't go too slow." I just don't like those stupid goals that they have in the THUG series, even though it was still fun to play those games.

I know that people will say that THPS 2 or 3 was the best one in the series, and I do agree that both of those games were great. There was just something about this game that I liked. For me, it was almost like a memorial to the death of the Tony Hawk games that we once knew and loved. It was the last game before THUG, when a lot of things that were really cool in the original THPSs vanished. How many more Tony Hawk games will they make?