Dragon Age origin's A Charm, An Undeniable one.

Whoever has ever played an RPG will tell you it's all about Clicking on the enemy to kill him. The'll say the awesome moments are the ones where you level up, cause they provide a lot of enjoyment, but Dragon age origins is all about Enjoyment.

I've Played it thrice now, and I have almost all the dialogues, Perk names, Quest names, NPC names, etc in my mind, but still, Dragon Age Origins Feels like New every time you Play it.

The story is such a nice and a long one, you'll Be enjoying it for years.
From the Moment you Start playing, you'll be immersed in the story, You'll want to know "who's Behind this?", "Who killed his person?", and " why did that treachearous Bastard, and why did he kill my family?". I've played as almost every race in the game, and every one seemed just right, unlike other games where the warrioir comes in and finishes off all the enemies, while the mage is in his coffin in around five minutes.

There's lots to explore, lots to do, lots to see, lots to hear, and believe me, after you've started playing this game, You won't be doing anything else for the time you finish it.