This game lives up to the series and deserves a rating of 9 in my opinion. The story and game-play is quite enjoyable!

The game continues from the previous game and Ezio travels to discover the secrets of his ancestor Altair. Ezio is much older and wiser now and Desmond must escape from the (spoiler)... Their attempt to make the graphics look better has failed as there is to much clustering of texture, etc. The ease of travel throughout the large map will make a gamer less frustrated on travelling from one location to the other. There are more variety of weapons too and using weapons like knives and your gun is much easier. The game play feels more improved on and the combat mechanism has too, with more satisfying finishers. The AI in this game are much more improved as well and enemies, at times, can be tougher to kill. You'll have assassins under your control and can help you take out guards and maintain your discretion. It is definitely worth the money in my opinion.