Good for gamers who always wanted to act wacky on the slopes

This game features kids on snowboards throwing thing at other boarders and busting out awsome tricks along the way. People might say its a Mario kart clone but its not just similar. There are a variety of characters and the funny part is you can play as the store keeper. Each board has its own atributes. The fastest boards are usually hard to control but the control mechanics are phenomenal. As any racing game theres one bad board this one is the ice board its so hard to control!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!The story is very complex and commical. Each character has there own personalities and style. The racing types are seperated from speed,all-around, and trick. Speed characters arn`t always fast and usually are bad at conering. Items come in boxes of red and blue. Items can be use against you using the reflecter or just jumping. This isnt an exactly must need game but you would want if even you wernt a fan of snowboarding