2006 game of the year, the only problem"meh story" but besides that you will LOVE IT, PLEASE READ ON

this game is fantastic, its one you must experience and if not try its sequel "gears of war 2", it has fantastic graphics (considering how old it is), memorable characters, great weapons, and good variety of enemies. you are marcus fenix once imprisoned for disobeying orders but now your in a fight for humanity you will use the face buttons a lot, the A button gets in and out of cover, rolls, and roadie runs. the X button is used for context sensitive actions. the B button is for melee and if your have the lancer assault rifle hold B to use the chainsaw bayonette. and Y button is for points of interest. and ofcourse the triggers to aim and shoot, and there is a cool mini game when you need to reload tap RB and there will be a bar under your gun info when the line reaches passes one of the two white bars in the middle you will reload faster or get a damage boost, its all great.

bad things about gears would be that when you start there are two difficulties, casual and hardcore. casual is a little too easy even though the final boss is hard and then hardcore is good till you get halfway and its get superhard, and its a little too short, i finished it in 8 hours.

but my favourite bits the boss fights, and multiplayer
the berserker fights are intense
the corpser fight is a pushover but it is fun
and the final boss is epic

now the multiplayer
there are three modes warzone, assassination, and execution
warzone is team deathmatch+last man standing
assassination is what you would expect
and execution is team deathmatch but people can revive themselves so you need to melee them to kill them also it is a last man standing mode.

you have got nothing to lose it is great and its cheap around AUS$20 go and add it to your xbox 360 collection.