there really going overboard now.

User Rating: 1.7 | Tony Hawk's American Wasteland XBOX
The tony hawk games have always gotten worse every year. now with the seventh game in the series, you are a farm boy come to LA. you meet up with an annoying girl named Mindy who walks you through how the skate shop, barber shop and clothing store work. If you have followed the series you will know these are new additions. As said on the back of the box that there are no load times, well this is not true. you can either ride the bus or use slow, narrow, inconvinient tunnels.

This game basically insults skateboarding with tricks that dont even exist, and insane physics. Since i skate i find this to be annoying to do all these insane tricks and ollie incredibly high and grind for hours.

this game=not 4 skaters=crappy