Hey I'm playing the same game I have been for 5 years!

User Rating: 7.5 | Tony Hawk's American Wasteland XBOX
You know Neversoft is really good....at making the same game over and over again. While THAW is a solid, fun game it has it's problems. First off, the sound. The voice acting really isn't very good at all, the music isn't good. Only a few songs are, the graphics are the same as they were in THUG 2, the stroyline is one of the owrst ever, and the classic mode is far too short.

But the game is fun. The story mode is now longer and harder but it seems like most of it is just bulidng up a skatepark. Some of the missions are really pointless, whule toehrs can be very fun. Now you an go Xbox Live too. Originally online play was only on the PS2 version, but now you can do Xbox live. The storyline is pointless. You play as a farmboy who moved to LA and tries to represent himself and trys to act "old school." The voice acting is bad and so is most of the music. There are a few hihglights but the modern punk bands covering the classics isn't as good as some would think. The originals were better.

The game still controls easily and has a hihg replay value. Classic mode only has 6 levels so it's very eas to do no matter what difficulty you set it on.There are plenty of new tricks, along with bike riding, which is actually frustrating and difficult. There are loading times. Just not in story mode. Loading times are replaced with uneeded tunnels you skate through. They jsut hide the loading times. But the levels are huge and the new tricks are fun. Overall, this Hawk is loosing it's wings, but it's still above the ground. (Sorry for the cheesy line.)