I must be playing a different game to you!

I love racing games and I have been playing them for years. I have played almost every Gran turismo game and I have enjoyed them all, the best, in my opinion, being Gran Turismo 3. But, my love for the franchise is lost in this game. I must be playing a different game to everyone else as I think this game is awful! There are a few reasons for this.

When I first heard they were finally releasing Gran Turismo 5, I was very excited. I saw all the hype and all the screenshots and I couldn't wait for the game. But all this hype is for nothing.

The AI is an example of how bad this game is. For example, you may be driving and all of a sudden, a random driver will suddenly shunt you off the track, even if you aren't in its way! Another thing about the AI, they are on rails. I tested this and you can clearly see how they work. I simply parked a car infront of them and they shunted my car for about 2 minutes until they got me out the way and then carried on. Not even one tried to overtake me. This is very bad for a game of this generation.

Another thing, the graphics. They aren't fabulous at all. Completely inconsistant and some things on the game just look hidious. I must say some of the graphics are well done but in many cases they are bad.

The gameplay. Now, I have played many games, but none as boring as this. The first minutes of the game are fun, introducing you to the home page, giving you a driver, exploring the car shop etc. But as soon as you get in your car, you feel no sense of speed or realism.

After racing for 1 hour in career mode I gave up and moved to arcade mode. I immediately went to my favourite car, the Ferrari F40, which I was very surprised and impressed to see in the game. I began the race and was again, disappointed. Ferrari's are known for being very loud and shouty but racing this, the revs sounded very low and were not loud at all. I then raced the Pagani Zonda and again, was very disappointed. It fell to the same flaws as the Ferrarri.

Crashes are also completely ridiculous on this game. Your car has some sort of invisible super mario kart-style shield that protects you from anything and you just bounce off stuff! At 200mph driving into another 150mph car going the other way, cars don't just bounce into each other and just carry on with the race! In real life, this would mean certain death! I know many games don't do crash mechanics very well but this game is just hilariously bad.

Yet another bad point about the game is the completely insane loading times! On a couple of occasions I waited up to around 2 - 3 minutes for a race to begin!

One good point about this game is the amount of cars in the game. It has a wide selection of different cars and I was happy to see they kept one thing right!

Also, the cockpit view in cars is very realistic in some cases, which is another good point for the game.

I also liked the wa they added a touch of realism such as tuning, used car dealership etc.

I tried Gran Turismo again and again until I just couldn't take it anymore (About 5 hours)

Overall, I am unhappy that after all this time, this is all they have produced. Many games have done better. Save your money for another racing game. And no, I'm not a 360 fanboy!

Thanks for reading