The Genre Of punk rock teen doodling graphics havent left, and they dont plan on leaving anytime soon!

User Rating: 8.9 | Tony Hawk's American Wasteland XBOX
w00t! Game five has entered and is throwing really strong punches! This game OWNS. You play as a street punk not doing well in his own place and moves to L.A. Then he gets mugged, and some chick named mindy comes in and helps him gain rep. Its great and it branches way further. The free roam type gameplay is just sick, entering a store and buying crap is just awesopme to the selection of creativity. The Multiplayer is still awesome, story line is verry siick, and this game just owns. Lots of new gameplay features werent necessary because they were pointless, but it adds....something to the game. This game is a buyer, trust me. Get it, play it, you will own it, cause its very easy. ENJOY IT!