absolutely fantastic

Wow do you really need to read anymore reviews to know how good this is ? Well after playing this game for many hours I feel compelled to share my thoughts about the game anyways.. When I very first started playing this game , the first 10-15 minutes seemed almost uneventful and I felt I have seen this kind of game before and nothing is new.. THEN the magic happened, I began to upgrade and progress through the story quickly and realized the game is absolutely incredable!!! It doesn't stop , it seems every single step forward in this game just reveals one of the most unique and clever games I have ever played. The game is very well polished and really nothing is left out, the amount of detail is completely evident in every facet. The weapons you upgrade are a pure pleasure and you just cannot wait to see whats next or how the upgrade will change your current weapon(s). The storyline is just amazing and the cinematics are breathe taking, the in game play with the camera angles are sometimes just stunning , and give you a perspective of the game you probally have never experienced before. It only seems to remind me of Prince Of Persia in very subtle ways and really truely deserves 100% to stand on its own as a very unquie and fresh game that deserves all the praise its got. If you like gore and certainly are entertained by "dark art" you will be in bliss, fighting styles offer you a large variety of methods in taking out enemies or taking off heads entirely. Also unique to me was the fact that opening up chests or doors or driving your sword into an enemies face requires a "button tapping" situtation with really does give you a small sense of applying strength to accomplish some of the mentioned tasks. I am just not sure what to say that so many others haven't already , the game really is a true treat and like many have said "you really are doing yourself an injustice by not giving this game a spin." This is got to be even at this point in the year a heavy contender for best game of the year ! On a side note, this game most defenately can be very dark in content and if you are not real big on violence and/or find certain themes in games sometimes offending this game I don't believe is for you.. However if you that kinda guy , we will all just wait for your review of this game too :)