As long as you're younger, you might enjoy this; for those looking for a more "intellegent" game, look elsewhere.

User Rating: 2.9 | Tonic Trouble N64
I recently tried the N64 version of this game, and I had some mixed feelings about it. Here's the brake-down.

The graphics aren't really that good, even for its time. There are parts that are nicely done, but for the most part, it's awful. You can really tell where they used sprites, and that those sprites are scaled horribly. The N64's blurry textures don't help that much either.

They have some nice concepts, but you can tell that some things are copied from Rayman 2 somewhat. The levels were extremely easy to get through. Really, I played through most of the game with no challenge at all. It could be just the fact that I know to expect from playing Rayman 2 though. Also, this game is brought to you by several food companies. You can really tell because they SHOVE IT IN YOUR FACE! Ed turns into "SUPER ED!!!" by eating Crunch candy bars, and they mention "POWERED BY KRAFT KETCHUP!" (I believe that was on the cover... Maybe that was the PC version. I've seen both. Meh.)

The music wasn't really special or catchy to me at all. Sometimes, it was even just flat-out annoying. Some of the bits they include are funny, but get annoying after a while. A good example of this is the sound effect for when you turn into "SUPER ED!!!" There's some guy that just says, "SUPER ED!!!" It was funny to listen too, but then you have to fight a boss, where in order to beat him, you need to eat a Crunch bar first, walk over, hit him, then the bar wears off, and you have to go back and repeat. It got annoying just listening to "SUPER ED!!" over and over.

I might have gotten some fun out of this when I was younger, but now, I just see this as crap. Get Rayman 2 instead if you can. So, if you've got some little kid... with an old working N64... or if you're looking for a cheap PC game from a bargain bin, just get it for them. They might like it for a little bit. That's all I've got to say.

...SUPER ED!!!!