Definitely the best PSP game out.

The superb that Gamespot gave Konami's Metal Gear Portal Ops is a total understatement. It is by far the best release on the PSP and truly pushes the envelopes on the system, which has been plagued by substandard games.

The only downside is the difficulty: once you lose a guy ==> gone =_=z

The graphics in this game surpasses all of the existing PSP games, including Tekken (*in my opinion).

The multiplayer is phenomenal and the use the (actual) location to get extra characters in WIFI => great idea and it makes u to really use the PSP as a handheld system that you will carry anywhere. (*Can't wait for the GPS addon for PSP)

Sound as expected is top notch. All I can say is, I wished there were more games of this calibur on the PSP.