Merging adventure, shooting, melee and free roaming equals Tomb Raider.

User Rating: 9 | Tomb Raider (The Final Hours Edition) PC
I have expected for this game for so long and I haven't been disappointed. You have here some great sights to visit, some foes to battle and some mysteries to solve. Lara gets lost with her crew on some island in the Pacific Ocean and she has to get out of there. But some crazy fanatics live there and things won't be easy for her and her crew. It's a great game, but in my opinion it's too easy and too cinematic. I don't mind "the cinematic" trait but this gives the impression of a film or something like that.
Lara can do whatever she wants: she climbs, she jumps off ledges and she uses different tools to achieve her purpose. There are some great puzzles, yet easy enough for anyone. The music is entertaining and the graphics looks great. Unprecedented in the previous games, Lara can now hunt in order to survive. There are some bosses in the game, but it's far too easy to bring them down.
Overall, it's a an entertaining game.