So disapointing

User Rating: 3 | Tomb Raider (The Final Hours Edition) PC
The game starts well. Great graphics, well acted characters and some platforming in the jungle. There are secrets to discover and hidden items to collect.

Then you find a bow, and you wrestle some wolves. Not really what one would expect from a young archaeologist like Lara Croft, but not a game design capital crime.

Then you get kidnapped. And then you start killing!! Adventuring, archaeology, puzzle platforming, collectibles gathering, they all come to an abrupt end. You just kill people like there´s no tomorrow.

You kill with the bow, a pistol, a shotgun, a rifle. You kill with grenades, even with a hand ax. Conan the barbarian never shed so much blood in a single day. The mindless minions of some crazy priest dude keep coming out of nowhere, attacking you like crazed bees. Lara butchers them all.

While doing so, she keeps screaming loudly like an 80s German porn star faking multiple orgasms. I felt so embarrassed by the sounds coming out of my apartment! Game effects can be annoying but never to that extent.

Lara Croft, the silent acrobat, the female Indiana Jones, has been reduced to a hysteric victim. She has also been robed of all sex appeal: While she runs, her hair flows in beautiful strands but her boobs remain stiff as if sculpted in stone. And her adamant resolution to save everybody reminds of a 5 year old boy playing hero alone in his room.

To conclude, story line, tomb raiding, platforming, puzzle solving, all these are secondary in this game. Instead you massacre people. This is not a tomb raider game, it is a badly made 3rd person shooter with some out of place gore aspects.

I could not complete it. I uninstalled it at 50% and reclaimed hard drive space.

What a stupid review of a great game.


Great review, you are my hero! To be honest, I only endured for two hours playing this thing and then traded it back. I happen to be an old and most loyal TR fan, I just couldn't sit and watch Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics abusing my 20s heroine with this emo-Conan the barbarian approach.


You spelled "disappointing" incorrectly.