A classic, immersive Sci-Fi adventure

Deus Ex is one of those amazingly in-depth games where you can have a lot of influence on the evolution of the story and your character. Skill points can be earnt and put to use learning how to better hack or sneak and avoid fights, or load up on heavy weapons and go in guns blazing. The nanites the main character, JC Denton, carries within him allow for a series of upgrades that make you choose who you want to be - to run faster and jump farther, or to sneak around on silent footsteps? The weapons you amass - assuming you can carry them with an inadvertant game of inventory tetris - can be modified with different ammunition types and silencers, laser sights and scopes.

The story is a pretty epic tale in the relatively near future, where a plague called the Grey Death is spreading across the world, and biomechanical modifications to human beings are commonplace. As a counter-terrorist agent working for the UN, your first job is getting a terrorist group called the NSF off of Liberty Island where your agency's HQ is, but that's only the beginning. The story hops around the world, to Hong Kong, Paris, multiple locations in the US... it's a huge endeavour, and the choices you make, who you trust, affect how it all ends.

Although it's increasingly dated as time goes by, this game really is a must have.