This game is.......

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This game is in 1 word EXCELLENT..

the graphics, the detailing of enviorment

Japanese ruined village ambience,

the gameplay the action everything is just it.

So what do you like about this game..??

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I loved it. It's an excellent origin story. Jason Grave's score gives me goosebumps. Looking forward to the inevitable sequel.
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Yeah I agree, even the collecting ruins is fun for me. I love the fact that Lara has something to say about everything she finds it makes me want to find them all!

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more like Uncharted: Drake's Sister's Dirty Garage

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i think is the best game i played until now this year

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Tomb Raider is hands down an excellent game. This much-improved version of the franchise makes it extremely difficult to put the controller down. A real joy to play.
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Tomb Raider is hands down an excellent game. This much-improved version of the franchise makes it extremely difficult to put the controller down. A real joy to play.
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very good, non-linear, and diverse game. With the addition of the hot lara's butt in view all time ;) ... good job CD

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...amazing and nothing like uncharted (not that that's a bad thing I love those games) contrary to what people have been saying. Does the franchise justice it really truly does and I actually feel like I'm in Lara's shoes while playing, shivering and trying to survive on this crazy island 

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I totally agree with you about the game being non-linear and diverse. One of its many redeeming qualities.

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Hmm... imo the game is really great. As a dedicated WoW player, i must say it is the first game after 6+ years that i actualy finished. and i have tried a lot of them - every big title. Its true Tomb Rider is rather short, but its quality is on high level in every aspect and ill take quality over quantity any day. usualy it pisses me off when theres a lot of cut-scenes where game itself takes the control over my avatar, but in TR it was acceptable.

The things i loved about this game are the graphics - the world looks amazing, storyline was absolutely great, combat feels great except some polishing couldnt hurt, but theres even stealth approach and the bow feels awesome - my weapon of choice. difficulty is just right (i have played on normal), lara feels like a living and breathing character and the game overall was interesting to the point where the first thing when i woke up, i was already thinking of it.

the only thing i wish is different, is the length of it, but as i already said - ill take quality over quantity any day. i would suggest this game to every adventurer, who values beautiful graphics and enviroment, great storyline, easy to learn with non-complicated controls and easy skill tree game with convincing and immersive atmosphere.

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It was a great action game while it lasted. Action was good, stealth mechanics were decent too. Story's fine. Everything impressed me except the fact that there wasn't much Tomb Raiding going on. I am aware it is a prequel and a reboot. But still, the main story had like 2 "puzzles" and I'd hardly call those puzzles. The optional tombs are the only thing that reminded me of the oriiginal games, however each was like 40 seconds long. AS a new action game it's awesome and very fun. I just went in expecting more of that detailed platforming and the complex puzzles that littered the original games.

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if anyone wants to watch this game in action you can watch here
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*nods in agreement* This game is pretty awesome, im still on my first playthrough and its one of the few games that I've been really compelled to play.  I do wish there was a bit more challenge, im playing it on hard.  Good job Square Enix, this game is a definite treasure in my collection :)

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Refreshingly up to the hype...unlike some of the other games we have been told were great as of late....and were not (AC3 for example).