shipwreck beach - red box and boat

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on the beach there is red box on a container in the water - how do i get up there? and what's with the small boat - don't know what to do with it besides give it a push ..

i have 100 % but still don't know how to get on the container :oops:

#2 Posted by zombieandy89 (1 posts) -
If you shoot the rope keeping the boat by the beach you can drag it over to the container using the rope arrow.
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 i can shoot the rope? didn't know that .. what weapon? that would mean i can shoot all other ropes too - even the ones enemies use - have to try that ..


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How can you have 100% without knowing you could shoot rope-arrows?

#5 Posted by tomkat69pc (977 posts) -

no - only problem was i didn't see where the rope is connected to the mooring sprocket - found it already .. stupid me