Multiplayer is awful

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So I have been chipping away at the single player and decided to have a crack at the MP today. It's attrocious.

Why didn't they just spend the resources they wasted on making the single player aspect of the game perfect instead.

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sp is perfect no changes needed other than adding few more could`ve had some major improvements
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I hate the MP too. I don't know what you guys dislike about it, but for me, it's too laggy. I'm not sure if this is the case for other people, but every single game I play, it lags from beginning to end. I'm pretty sure it's the game's fault because I actually have a good internet connection. My other games like Halo 4, Black Ops 2 and Mass Effect 3 run fine online, with hardly any lag at all. But Tomb Raider seems to be unplayable for me. There is also not enough game modes.

I'm disappointed because I thought I'd be able to spend heaps of time on this game. I've already finished the SP, and I was hoping to kinda be addicted to the MP. I guess not. I might just replay the SP on the harder difficulty. SP also needs way more optional Tombs.

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online is fun to play zero lag if players in same room not have bad connection . i platinumed game but online play as lara still fun ... the only thing i want is customize character outfits for salvage as salvage means nothing after get trophy for buy everything ...

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good thing we bought this game for the single player then