Awesome,awesome, awesome. Very fun. Challengeing. A joy to play for all ages. Graphics are well worth. So game on .

This game is awesome, a joy to play for all ages. Should you have a surround sound system then this sound was made for it . I can't say enough about this game. Honestly, this game will be game of the year. If I could find out where Laura lives..

Challenging puzzles to keep you alert on Laura's missions. When you die you don't go back to beginning, start from point of death. Keeps game flowing. First played I played for 6 hours non stop. I have not done that in awhile. Once and awhile I had to get help from a guide.

I will say story line is a bit murky, but it all ties together and makes some sense. How many of us play for outstanding story lines - thats what movies are for.

Go ahead and buy this game you won't be disappointed. Trust me. Heck, I would not be writing this review if I didn't. That s all I got to say and a box of chocolates.