I dont recommend this game.

I have tried to like this game. The reviews were all good, the graphics are nice. But I just cant play it. Let me explain. I have come from a PC where shooters with a mouse and keyboard rule. I buy and XBOX360 and wanted to try a shooter on that so I bought PDZ. It is easily the most uncontrollable game ever. I have read other reviews that say the same thing but just give it a chance and you will get used to it. Well after about 10 hours of "trying to get used to it" I give up. I cant shoot a thing, nor run around very well. All I do is end up looking at the sky and running into walls half the time. At first I just figured it was my inablility to get used to a game pad versus a mouse and keyboard. Then I got Halo 2 and I love that. I just got fears of war, and again no problems. This game simply has the worst control mechanics I have ever seen.