Though Spore has its bad parts, it works out to be a good game all around.

I need to say first that I love this game. It keeps me enthralled most of the time, especially with the animations and sounds, even if the gameplay is sometimes stale. That aside, Spore really grows on you. The first two stages are my personal favorites, being able to explore the world around you is very exciting and varies enough to keep you enthralled throughout these stages. The third stage is probably my least favorite, as it was conceptually boring to me. The civilization stage gave me enough customization tools to keep me happy, and the warfare was somewhat fun, so I have no complaints about the fourth stage. However, the space stage does have its flaws. The long wait times when traveling to another galaxy aren't very fun, and the exploration aspect is slightly lost (except if you are hovering over a planet). I did enjoy the space stage however overall, but it didn't add much reward throughout. Overall, I feel Spore's issues aren't great enough to call it a failure, but it does have flaws. Even so, I advise everyone who is thinking of buying this game to read up on it extensively before buying it to decide if it really is something you want to get. If you don't do this, you may be disappointed, and it may not give off the same charm to all people.

- Dean