Battlefield Bad Company 2 is groundbreaking, and its new set of technical and gameplay features make MW2 seem antiquated

Quite simply put, Bad Company 2 is the most important and groundbreaking addition to the FPS community in years. It's single player campaign keeps pace with the competition, and the multiplayer is the most immersive, realistic depiction of a modern battle ever made.

The addition of totally destructible environments is supported graphically by the heavy use of particle effects, which not only creates beautiful environments, but also amazing destruction and explosions. Dice has truly squeezed the most out of the frostbite engine here, as textures, draw distances, and environmental details all serve to give BC2 a next-generation feeling that is noticeably unmatched by the likes of Call of Duty. Throw in amazing vehicles and perfectly crafted maps, and Battlefield's multiplayer becomes the most engaging, memorable online shooter you have ever played. I should also mention that the audio is so realistic you will find yourself almost distracted by it at first. When helicopters roll in to the battlefield with their mini-guns blazing, the sound is enough get your heart pumping, and the visuals seem almost borrowed from Apocalypse Now. Trees sway from the wind of the chopper, the mini-gun smokes and spits out shells, and the low, eerie drone of the engine sends you running for cover.

Overall, the vehicle warfare in this Battlefield iteration is improved, as vehicles look and drive with fantastic realism. The view from the turret gunner's seat gives a great (and beautiful) view of the battlefield, and a zoom feature on all secondary turrets make it easier to pick off enemies in a mounted vehicle.

Simply put, Modern Warfare 2 seems outdated in comparison to Battlefield Bad Company 2. It's static, non-destructible environments, total lack of vehicles, and obnoxious community of players make it a distant second choice to true fans of online warfare.

If you are a Call of Duty fan that is on the fence about Battlefield, hop on over from the dark side and give this game a try and see why MW2 has lost its prestige.