Certainly a great addition to the story though I enjoyed the other two parts better...

In classic fashion, the second episode of Half Life 2 gets underway and keeps you going strong until the end. Like the others, it keeps the story rolling with its fantastic intermission points and makes sure you are invested in what is to come in this series.

HL2 continues to be one of my favorite games of all time. However, this particular episode wasn't quite as fun as I had hoped. The Hunters were definitely a nice and strong addition to the series and certainly got your heart rate going on more than one occasion.

The build towards the final battle seemed a bit "basic" and not too big a deal and then the final showdown was certainly was a bit more challenging. LOTS of variables to contend with in order to get through this final sequence which also required a healthy dose of saves to make sure you didn't go crazy. lol

I can't wait to see what Episode 3 has in store though it already seems that it might go a little bit different direction altogether. It would appear that the Combine have been, more or less, officially defeated with this episode but I'm assuming that whatever is at the Borealis will let us know what the next phase of the Combine will be. ???

GREAT game and a great series! A definite must!