the best sequel without a doubt!play it & you'll never be the same again.

User Rating: 8.5 | Tomb Raider II PC
tomb raider 2 is an absolute's an adventure of epic proportions.
back in 1997,lara became a super-star,a pop icon of the "90s & the tomb raider games were everywhere.this game has sold in 7 million copies,making it the game of the year without a was the most anticipated sequel of the year,also,the best tomb raider this game you had vehicles "to raid the tombs" & this time,the main enemy for lara were the humans,the italian fiama nera-a band of mafia which was looking for the same artifact lara was looking for-the dagger of artifact with incredible powers that could transform you into a dragon,if your heart was stabbed with it.have no fear,you don't die,you just transform.
this game is one of the best that playstation 1 could have follows the same succesfull formula that the original game offered.
action adventure,with lots of puzzles to solve,so you need brains for tomb raider 2,like in any tomb raider.there is no mindless shooting.
the graphics are somehow enhanced,compared to the first game-the polygonal shapes are still out there but i dont think that they will bother you-the game is concentrated on the gameplay, almost every corner there is a puzzle to solve,i don't think you have time to watch lara's body.
the music created by nathan mccree never fails,it's one of the most memorable tunes ever created,similar to the ones from the original.nathan mccree said that was inspired by vivaldi,to create the venice violins this part 2,there some tracks which are really scary.for example,the ones from the floating islands level.that is a great level indeed-there's nothing like this, that i've seen's an unique more details,just play the game.
lara begins her second journey at the great chinese wall.then,she continues through venice,an oil rig,on a shpwreck,tibet & etc.-in total,18 levels.-one greater than the other,but to be honest to you,i don't like so much the underwater levels,from any game.they're just not my type!
lara's compass is no more-it's place was taken by the chronometer.also,the magnums are now named dual pistols.the good old shotgun is always present.
my favourite level is barkhang monastery-pure epic!nothing more.
the gameplay is ok for me.the only thing that somehow enoys me is the camera.basically,there are the same moves like in the first game-no improvements in this way.
now,you have more acces into lara's home,the place where you can now go outside her house,to explore her gardens & train at the practice course moved near the,the living hall is empty,the pool is still there & something more-a butler!the poor old butler winston,who always wants to serve you with tea & you never want you can close him into the freezer to leave you alone.this is one of the funniest moments in gaming history.
the final level of the game takes place at your home,where its night for the first time & where lara admires her prize-the dagger of xian.meanwhile,"the remnants"of the fiama nera are busting laras house-obviously,they have come to kill you & to take your precious artifact,& obviously you have to kill them too-i wonder where all the police & justice has gone!
so,tomb raider 2 is a legendary game,one of the most important titles in gaming history.