An ambitious game with a lot of things inside. That all together works as a game you've never seen before.

I have scored hundreds of games in gamespot but this is my first review. I speak spanish, I have a terrible English and google translator does not help much. So I will be concise.

If only I could have two games on my computer, would be the multiplayer counter strike and terraria. This game is well thought. Do not think this game is another stupid 2d game like -Supermeatbot- or like a simple flashgame. No, this game is complex, big and very addictive. Every patch that comes out is like a free expansion pack to the game. Yes, like The Sims but for free.
Think this. How many games with good graphics have bored you?. So why you not choose to be happy with just a game in spite of not having impressive graphics?. I'm not a fan of any genre of games. Give me an RPG, a shooter, an adventure or a strategy and I'll tell you if it's a good game. And Terraria for sure it is. Do not understand something of the game?. Go to 'wiki terrariaonline' and you take off the doubt. Easy.