"For justice, we must go to Don Corleone"

The Godfather represents an excellent third person shooter. As you may know, the game mostly follow the movie. Of course, all the characters from the movie are here except Al Pacino a.k.a. Michael Corleone.

At the start of the game you meet Luca Brasi, and he brings you to the family. After thefts and small jobs, you are starting to work for Corleone family. In this game it's all about the family and loyalty. The story is in New York city, just like in the movie. You will do everything for the family, from extortion, contract hits to wiping out the whole rival family. If you manage to do all that, you will become the most powerful .. Don Corleone.

As for the graphic, The Godfather looks excellent. Characters are very well made, New York is impressive and animations are good too. Cars are made to the every detail.

The Godfather is the game that deserve to be played. Even if Al Pacino did not give the voice and character for the game, you will find this game very interesting.