Splinter Cell is a great stealth game.

User Rating: 8 | Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell PS2
Nice work Ubisoft, another great game.

In Splinter Cell you play as Sam Fisher, an NSA agent who is sent of to Georgia where to other NSA agents have gone missing. He ends up being sent allover the world, there are ten missions in total.
These missions range from the CIA head quarters to a US embassy in Myanmar. The missions are long and challenging, while a mission you,ll encounter CCTV, Automated Turrets, security guards and even dogs.

The game play is great.
Splinter Cell is a Stealth game so you spend the missions crouching in the dark, sneaking up on guards. That sounds easy, but its not, Sam can only take a few bullets, you do find medic kits but you have to use them wisely. If its not dark enough you can make more dark by shooting out lights, but some light bulbs are bulletproof and if you shoot a light out while a guard is standing near it he'll draw his gun and start shooting at you. And guards don't go down easy because you can only kill them with one bullet if you hit them in the head, otherwise it takes three. That doesn't sound so bad but you only get to guns one is a pistol and the other a rifle called a SC-20K, both have a sound and flash suppressor but they don't have much ammo. Luckily the SC-20K has a scope for snipping. You can also switch the SC-20K from single to auto fire but there's no reason to do this because it uses up your bullets. You get awesome gadgets like a camera jammer a optic cable and a laser mic to name three.
When on a mission you often come across doors that are locked
so you get a some lock picks to pick locks. Sometime doors are locked by a key pad lock and you have to find out the code. Some doors have a Retinal scanner and you have to find a guard who can open it. You can grab guards and use them as human shields against bullets. You can also interrogate some guards while holding them and then knock them out. You also have to hide bodies so that other guards don't find them. If a body is found an alarm goes off, if four alarms go off you fail the mission.
Although you cant save whenever you want there are regular checkpoints which is good because its easy to fail a mission.
Its sad that when you replay a mission you have to do it exactly how you did it last time, there is no second way to play a mission, at most you can go through a different door but, that's it.

The graphics are great. Gun flashes are great, the shadows are great, when you shoot windows they smash, and there are reflections on shiny surfaced floors. Everything is detailed, there's decently animated fire and smoke, the water graphics are alright to. Light are well animated as well. When characters talk there mouths move, they blink to. Their chests also rise and fall when they breath (except when their dead).

The A.I are smart. When they see you they empty their gun on you to force you into cover, then they find cover to. Then the game turns into a cover shooter, and a really good one to, if you take a shot at them they hide themselves behind their cover. The A.I are not stupid.

The soundtrack is good and bad, When your sneaking around it plays a quiet music and when a guard suspects that someone (you) is nearby it plays intense music and if they see you it starts playing even more intense fighting music. But the voice acting is bad. The Russians and the Chinese sound like Americans not being paid very much.

Splinter Cell is the best stealth game I have.
There may not be anything to do after but its great while it lasts.
Splinter Cell is probably the best stealth game ever made.