Pandora Tomorrow may not be as good as the first splinter cell, but its still great.

User Rating: 7.5 | Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow PS2
Pandora Tomorrow can be downright difficult and frustrating at times, but makes up for it with a great story good graphics and multiplayer.

Splinter cell Pandora Tomorrow puts Sam Fisher in Indonesia where a group of terrorists are causing trouble, soon hes going allover the world to places like Jerusalem and Paris. The bad guy on this game is much better than the fist games bad guy Nikoladze.

The game plays the same as the first, but with a few tweaks.
You really can afford to set of alarms because if you set of one alarm then the guards put on flak jackets, set of another alarm and they put on helmets, set of a third alarm and you fail the mission. Its also easier to set of alarms, if a guard sees you he radios in that he has found an intruder and then an alarm goes of. You also have to hide the bodies when you kill/knockout someone, sometimes you think you've hidden a body where no one will find it, two minutes later an alarm goes of. some rooms don't actually HAVE anywhere to hide the bodies. Pandora Tomorrow is much harder than the first game, the second mission is probably as hard as the first games last mission. Some things have been made easier, its easier to aim with the pistol because it has laser targeting and the rifle has a zoom now, the catch is that guards notice a red dot aiming at their head and if that wasn't hard enough there are more missions where you cant kill anyone, its hard to knock someone out when there holding an AK47 two inches from your face. Some missions are very long so you'll appreciate the many check points, you cant save whenever you want. First aid kits have also changed, now its got five red squares and each square heals a quarter of your health, so if you get hurt fight after you heal yourself you can come back and empty the first aid kit. In some levels there are also more civilians to dodge, there are also more dogs, in the first game you only encountered dogs in the last two missions. The frame rate can be very choppy at times like when there's allot of guards on screen or if your in a very built up area.
Pandora Tomorrow has a different theme to the first game with jungle levels, but some levels have a similar theme to the first game, such as the Paris level, there is one fun little mission when Sam is on a train.

There has been a graphical improvement. The shadows look better, and the water looks more realistic. Fire animation looks improved and the thermal vision looks excellent. Problem is your not always sure if your in dark enough areas sometime you hiding from a guard thinking you hidden in the shadows and he'll suddenly say "what is that!"

Speaking of what guards say, the voice acting isn't that good,
Michael Ironside still does the voice of Sam fisher but all the other actors have changed. And the actors for the guards aren't very good, they sound like actors that aren't being paid very much.

The AI is pretty much the same as the first game.

Pandora Tomorrow does have some problems but its still fun. It may not be as good as the first one but you still going to have fun.