I Like Clive Barker Ideas but...

A game is something different. Actually it can feel great only if you're a real Barker fan, otherwise the game could look boring and repetitive, where intermezzos are sometimes too long and talk too much, even the extras are too dedicated at the story itself more than some nice interactive feature (as a zoomable 3D Character model or more explanation of Jericho's powers). So once again this is good only if you're a Clive Barker's book lover. The story is indeed deep and nice but the game ends in a even toooooo sudden way. The graphics are good but you need a powerful machine to make it run smoothly. Certain level are wonderfully constructed, other are just PLAIN BORING. all the attacks are easily expected and foreseen, no real scary moments or thrill.
If you want those play DOOM3 and FEAR.
So it's basically no good to spend the full price money in this game. This is why I waited for a super extra offer :)