So Matt Groening's family is back with another game.And it actually turned out to be a entertaining one.

So the game takes place in Springfield,Bart is at the Sequel Stop and purchase the Grand Theft Scratchy game.But he dosen't get far untill Marge caught him and put his game in Homer's underwear dror.But instead Bart finds a game manual of his life.

Every family member gets special powers.Bart can turn into Bartman and use his slingshot and glide with his cloak.Homer can be a giant ball,he can burp,and allso he can turn into a Gummi-Homer.Marge can make people do what ever she wants.Lisa can use her saxophone and use her ''hand of buddha'' and solve puzzle.Maggie can be sent into tight spaces to push buttons and such.

The Game allso makes parodies of ' Terminator,Everquest,Medal of Honer,God of War,Dragon's Lair,Okami,Mortal Kombat,Zelda,Mario,Sonic,Street Fighter,Pokemon,Shadow of the Colossus and many more.

The Camera can be a problem but you overlook it,beacuse it's such a funny game.And it's at least worth playing once.