Sam Fisher returns in a gritty but short campaign. A revamp of gameplay adds new life in the series

User Rating: 10 | Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction (Collector's Edition) X360
The Splinter Cell series has always been one of the greatest stealth games around and this installment does not disappoint. The gameplay has be changed from the original style, this feels great but does make the game a lot easier. Now if you get spotted you can easily win in a cover based shooting method. This is still a stealth game but you don't have to be so careful in fact it can be easier to go in loud kill a few enemies then hide and repeat. This couldn't really be done in previous installments. The game has a better cover based system which works well you can soon dart from one location to another, guards will looking in the last location they saw you this can make flanking enemies easy and great fun. Hand to hand combat kills gives an mark and execute skill, which is like a instant kill bonus which is helpful and satisfying. With upgrades on weapons more targets can be hit when using it. The are numerous weapons available each with multiple upgrades to make them even more deadly. To upgrade you cab earn point from completing little challenges on a checklist, these can be complete on any mode and are great fun to do, adds an addictive extra in the game and will make you change your style to complete them. Sam has a range of gadgets which give you an advantage over foes.

Darkness is fisher main advantage it is great fun lurking in the shadows, shooting out lights and sneaking around would make the dark knight himself proud. Working out how to tackle situations is great fun, whether you want to stalk each guard down or go guns blazesing you can. The best method is a mixture of them both, you can go loud but doesn't mean they have to see you. One missing feature is being able to move bodies this does feel like a step back as soon enemies will know something is up.

Sam Fisher has always been a great character, but this has to be his strongest performance he is far grittier, a broken man with nothing to lose. After the events splinter cell 4, Sam is no longer working as a agent though he soon is thrown back into action but doing things his way. We see a return of characters which is great to see.

The story is great it will keep you engage, it has plenty of twists and turns. A glimpse at the end of the game will give you a misguided idea of what is to come. The best new feature in the game is the interrogations some are stronger than others using the environment as weapons is gruesome but fun. But average kicks as a form of getting a character to talk is dull.

The games main flaws are that it isn't long enough the campaign is soon over. Luckily there is a addictive challenge mode which if fun alone or together. These modes it pays to be silent, if you get spotted the amount of guards doubles. Or another mode where you most clear the maps without be seen at all a great challenge for any stealth fans. There is a horde sort of mode which waves of enemies attack a computer you must defend it, this mode is one that I didn't overly enjoy. When the game (story mode) is on it's hardest difficultly you won't realize the game gives little challenge to experienced players.

There is a great prequel story mode this is harder than the main story and great fun. It's the same gameplay but with two players. Sadly there is no computer controlled player 2 for those without xbox live or a friend next to them.

Die hard splinter cell fans they may not like the new style, yes it's different and does make the game feel totally different, I much prefer the new style. I still love the old games but this is a refreshing change. I only hope the next installment is more of a challenge.