One of the best games I have played in a long time. Definitely glad I was introduced to the franchise.

User Rating: 8 | Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction (Collector's Edition) X360
Splinter Cell Conviction is the first game that I have played of the franchise. Read some reviews of the the other games before it and it sounded pretty awesome. So I purchased Conviction at local gamestop store and was not disappointed. The game seemed a little difficult at times but the more I got involved the more I liked it. I recently viewed videos of the new Splinter Cell Blacklist and I am looking forward to its release in Spring 2013. I know its gonna be the best one yet. If you are an individual who loves the shooter genre then Splinter Cell is a game that you just have to add to your collection. I believe it to be better than any of the Call of Duty games currently out there. Everything about the game was really good. Gameplay was awesome except for the fact that you could not kill while on the move, but that will change with Blacklist so issue resolved. Graphics were awesome, sound was off the chart, and the storyline behind Conviction was awesome as well. Other than the fact you can't takeout enemies while on the move, I did not see any other cons about the game. Definitely one you should have in your collection.