"A great game but not Splinter Cell as we know it. Not my kinda Splinter Cell,..."

User Rating: 8.5 | Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction (Collector's Edition) X360
My kinda Splinter Cell,...

I can consider SC as one of my most favorite games ever! Ever since the first version
came out, I was addicted.

- Splinter Cell, yeah!
- Pandora Tomorrow, great.
- Chaos Theory,... even better.

Every new version became better and got extended with more stealth-kill moves,... a knife, the choice to kill or knock-out an enemy,... all the cool gadgets and moves you needed in order to get from A to Z using the environment as much as possible for your own stealth tactics. Hiding bodies was a crucial aspect of this saga. Yeah,... couldnt wait for the next SC to come out with some more or newer/better impressive moves to take someone out,... until...

- Double Agent

This game was taking a new twist within the whole stealth assassin saga. The story became more important it seems. New moves and gadgets, ... not really.

- Conviction

What to say about it,... this is a complete 'new' version of SC I think. A good game but not SC the way I always loved it, not SC the way I want it to be.

The story is nice, its game-play fits within the story nicely but where are those unique points that made SC such a fan-tas-tic Stealth Assassin game?

- No more whistling in order to lure the enemy towards you.
- No more throwing objects like bottles or cans to lure enemies to certain locations.
- No more dragging bodies, meaning exposed bodies resulting in alarms and mission failures.
- No more stealth kills/knock-outs the way we know and love them.
- No more thermal or NV goggles.
- Lesser use of the environment. Very restricted in movement (looking at the environment but also controls).
- Way too many guns, nades & ammo forcing the entire gameplay to automatically become more of a shooter than a stealth assassin-game.

These aspects made Conviction way less attractive for me. After finishing the campaign and looking at the overall game-play I was disappointed even. I was hoping to get some more creative action when playing the Denial Ops games but I was very wrong there too. I noticed that without all these extra moves, actions, gadgets and kills, Sam is nothing more than a retarded invalid on enemey territory. I mean, cool,... the campaign is not build around this and all,... if thats the story,.. well fine,... but lacking these great aspects within Deniable Ops and MP too just makes the whole game a lot less attractive!

I want to sneak around using the environment as much as possible, climbing, flanking etc etc. Luring out the enemy one by one and play with them a little just before I take them out with as much as cool moves and gadgets as possible before finding my own creative way through the map by puzzling through all its obstacles all the way down towards the objective.

They keep telling you to shoot the lights to provide cover for yourself,... cool, I will,... but how da hell am I supposed to see in the freaking dark without NV goggles?! :/ If they just took away that Rambo stuff and replaced it with at least a few old-fashion gadgets, kill-moves etc etc, the game-play would have been much better. Also the non-campaign game-play would have been a lot broader and much more fun! But unfortunately, ... these aint the facts. I couldnt enjoy playing these Denial Ops games and even stopped playing them. First time I ever stopped playing a SC game cos of "boredom" and "disappointed".


Conviction is a great game! For sure many will love it. It looks very flashy. The environment, the cut-scenes and all its design / art-work definitely is worth all its respect. However in some cases I think more energy and effort should have been made more towards its game-play instead. Towards the SC game-play as we all know it, and I reckon, as we all love it & want it to be.

The game does fit perfectly within the SC saga but I hope, and really, really hope that the next version will be more focussed on Stealth Assassin Missions again cos that is and will always be...

...my kinda Splinter Cell.

Enjoy & Take care.