User Rating: 9.6 | Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory PS2
This is Tom clancey's third game out of the series.the world stands on the brink of a terrible event, and only a few people behind the scenes understand just how grave the situation is. Set in 2007, Chaos Theory drops you into a tangled web of intrigue centring on electronic warfare and mounting tensions with mainly North Korea.You of course still play as Sam Fisher this Splinter Cell who has been doing mostly mop up mission or helping America when it's in need. Since this is mostly the same game then you know what to expect, to be alot of shadows to hide with, but like Splinter Cell fans know the missions are all at night which gives the the shadows to hide with. This game is best in the series because of the the settings are better like sneaking inside of a bank or on a cargo ship it's just better than the other Splinter Cell games. But if you really want to have a different Splinter Cell feel than this one wont really be all that different but the level designs are just better than the other Splinter Cell games.the game was fantastic,inever played that kind of game berore.the best stealth game.dont afraid to buy it.
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