Plain and simply, Splinter Cell series killed.

User Rating: 1 | Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Blacklist PC
So, let me get this straight. At first i was really excited for this but after more gameplay material was revealed, i started seeing the true game, which is a shallow un-finished game. Aka your typical modern game.

To be honest. This game is nothing compared to Splinter Cell's 1-4, because of it being massively dumbed down and overall every cool mechanic has been removed from it. Such as the option to choose how stealthly you choose to move eg. walk-run and players freedom? In a game like Splinter Cell having options walk and run are not enough. You need something also from between, like in SC1-4. Now there is nothing freedom in it, when all you can do is proceed forward with very strict leveldesign. Game also throws cutscenes at you every few minutes, so it does not even let the player play the game. It's just your typical modern interactive wannabe movie kinda thing. The game actually starts with a really long and boring about 4 mins long cutscene. Max Payne 3 also did this and well.. it also sucked big time.

All of these "great" new features such as one button instantkill with a knife, actually fights against it's very purpose. You know when i press E to kill someone in a lethal knifeway, "Fisher" instead chooses to close the nearby door so that i am seen by the enemy i was planning on killing, because that is what the use-key will do. It will interact with the enviroment as well as do closecombat lethal kills. I also apparently can't jump on my own. Why is that? I have absolutely no idea. Probably has to do with that dumbing down.. Because i can't jump on my own, this feels more like some Simon Says wannabe Splinter Cell game. Because more than often, i'm in a situation for what the game has not been designed for. Eg. there is like a table or something what over i need to jump and i can't jump over it because first of all, the game has invisible wall on it and second, the game has been made so that you can only jump over specific "covers" in this game and so as of result i am killed because i got stuck due to the clunky gameplay. It's very contradicting when you're in a staircase and on top of the stairs you can jump over the railing (only because of the scripted sequence) and in the middle of the stairs, you can't jump over the railing because there is no script to jump over rail when you are in stairs. Chaos Theory let me jump if I need to jump. I the player should have complete control on what my character does and what not.

The ability to holster your weapon has also been removed from the game so i really don't understand it why the devs bragged about you being able to complete a mission without one kill? If it's so awesome to complete a level without one kill, then howcome you don't let me holster? Oh yes ofcourse, because the answer again is simply because this game has not been made as real Stealth game but instead as covershoot game (explains why you can't holster). How often do you holster in a covershoot game? You don't and that was my point exactly.

Enemy AI is also really horrible. Obviously the first thing i did with this game, was to set it on Perfectionist difficulty and i actualy can be seen in broad daylight without the enemy actually seeing me, eventhough he just saw me? Sometimes in night time the enemy even spot you with their flashlight but then they just go "was that really a human being?" and continue patrolling.

Controls are very clunky due to everything being pre-scripted. Now you might think that it's not bad. Well it actually is bad because the game's controls sort of constantly get in your way. This is one example that relates to those issues. When you start hanging on something, the logical keybinding for dropping down would ofcourse be CTRL since that has been bind as Crouch. Well this game instead for some weird reason thinks it's better to have it as Q which has been bind as Cover. Now you might think that "why not just flip the bindings?". Well if i have to set Q as Crouch for being able to drop from a ledge? Then just no thanks. How practical do you think pressing Q to Crouch is? It's not at all because W is for moving forward.

Audio is nothing to brag about. Music is some horrible modern stuff and the lipsync is some of the worst i've seen in games. You can clearly tell that the words coming from peoples mouths are not in sync with the actual speak animation.

Graphics and animation as of 2013 are inexcusable. DooM 3 from 2004 has better graphics aswell as better animation and how do you explain that? Simple. Splinter Cell Blacklist being another game made with only goal being sales, not quality game.

So overall this is a really bad modern version of Splinter Cell. A true Splinter Cell fan will find here lots of un-necessary headache for them selves due to this being so low quality development. I mean for crying out loud. If i can't jump on my own, then why can i bounce from window to window like some champ in Prince of Persia? Sam Fisher is not supposed to be any monkey that moves like an idiot, Fisher is supposed to be this normal human being who has very high Stealth movement skills. Not any unrealisticl fast chimpanzee movements but a normal spec ops movement.

Now i don't want to give this game higher score than 1.0 at all. Because the only good that are in this game, are the visuals (when not bad) and Splinter Cell having back the goggles. Nothing else is good. Game has health regen for some very, VERY weird reason and the professional stealth crouch movement animation has also been replaced with some amateur running around.



Despite the fact that it  is not like the other splinter cell games is no reason to give it a 1 out of 10. People who do this just show they have no business rating games.

I get it. It is not what you expected, but it is not a 1 either.


Dude,where is that AI video comparison? xD