Spy Vs. Mercs

#1 Posted by RedChuckz (743 posts) -

The only thing i care about is the MP of this game right now because the single player has been dummed down for the core players, but at least SPY VS. MERCS is back so cant wait for that hopefully some gameplay comes regarding the MP.

#2 Posted by MrGamerOFCourse (138 posts) -
Mate single player will be good just not as good because doesn't sound the same and that really gets on my nerves as a fan, but yeah im like you i cant wait for spys vs mercs again, absolutely loved it in double agent was playing it for days on end even on my own.
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It's less dumbed down than Conviction was, so at least there's progress (I like the idea of Sam leading his own division, although it's weird that the head of Fourth Echelon would be doing field work). I just wonder how it's going to work.