Best out of the Budokai series!

DBZ Budokai 3 is a great game! The gameplay has improved very very much. Square is still the punch button, triangle is still the kick button, circle is still the energy or ki button, and X is still the charge and block button. You can transform when your ki gauges are up to a certain point. There's also a new feature called Dragonrush. It's when you turn red and when you hit your enemy into the air and you have to push buttons. Buttons that you think your opponent won't press. It will deal a great deal of damage. You can also teleport behind your opponent three times after or during and attack. You can even use this when your enemy attacks you!

Characters are better. Moves are great.

Modes: Same as always ecept it's called Dragon Universe.

Finding the Seven Dragon Balls are harder now. You can find them with or without the Dragon Rader but I suggest you get the radar. It's easier that way.

Graphics still the same but are still great.