A interesting game that is similar to KOTOR except for the combat and mini-games which are not as good.

Time: ~18hrs (with most of the side quests and mini games)

Character: Scholar Ling
Difficulty: Master
Way: Open Palm
Follower: Dawn Star (mostly)
Leaping Tiger (pretty good)
Horse Demon (very powerful)
Ice Shard (not bad)
Heavenly Wave (not really useful)

The Good:
- Same as Kotor except for combat
- Great visuals and animation
- Interesting Story and Twists

The Bad:
- Loading Times / some areas too small
- Story is sometimes hard to relate to / remembering character names
- Combat System too simple (Kotor turn-based is way better)
- Controlling one character alone (Kotor control of 3 + combat too)
- Not too much Replay value due to lots of dialogue

Gameplay: The main problem here is the combat, although it's nice to look at but it becomes button-mashing. Some combat styles like Horse Demon are way too powerful. Also not controlling the other characters and limiting it to just one instead of two. The mini-games are ok, KOTOR way better.

Graphics: Better than KOTOR, the castle at the end looks awesome. But on an HDTV 42" Plasma with Widescreen / 480p compared to other games such as Doom 3, not so impressive.

Sound: Pretty good, relates to the context and setting of the game.

Value: Well, the problem with this game and it also applies to KOTOR is that there's too much dialogue in some places so to replay the whole thing again with let's say closed fist and another character is going to be pretty repetitive so the second time around is gonna be sometimes boring. That's a general problem for these kinds of games unfortunately.

Reviewer's Tilt: I wish the Combat system was the same as KOTOR, that would have really put this game on par, too bad. Still is a great game to play for sure.