An epic first person shooter that should not be missed.

My favorite game of all time has to be Call of Duty on the PC. There nothing is nothing like a killing spree when you are on a roll with a single shot rifle. Those precious times you are hidden just out of site and remove the other team head shot after head shot before they even know where to aim. This is what CoD is all about.

Call of Duty 3 brings a new level of quality and realism to the series. Very little to complain about in the game. The game play is still the same which is great. The multiplayer action is top notch. This is where that wireless headset comes in. Chatting can be very helpful if you are try to work as a team toward a common goal beyond killing the enemy such as capture the flag.

In this version the action seems to be intensified and far more realistic. The game is a bit tougher but far more fun at the same time. I recommend picking up a copy you will not be disappointed.